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Gather your creative buddies and spend a weekend doing what you love. AZ Creative Connections provides a beautiful workshop retreat haven for quilters, artists and crafters who are looking for a gathering place to enjoy time together and to share the passion for their creative pursuits. Weekend retreats for groups of 6-8 and one day workshops for larger groups.


Pinetop-Lakeside is the perfect place for your creative retreat with loads of opportunities for a short excursion. AZ Creative Connections is just minutes from the areas best quilt shop where you’ll enjoy a Creative Connections discount. Bring your talent and enthusiasm and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Your ‘Connection Coordinator’

Through the years, my women friends have been my biggest supporters – cheering me on, lifting me up, encouraging and inspiring me to reach greater heights and achievement – and, even giving me that “you can do it” push when it was most needed. Because of them, I’m stronger, more creative, more daring, comfortable to be my ‘true self’ and most of all, willing to trust my instincts.


AZ Creative Connections has evolved through the years as I have. At first, the idea came as a tiny glimmer of something that ‘might be’ and eventually grew to a bright light leading me to my ‘life’s purpose’.


Empowering women to create joy and fulfillment in their lives by providing them with a retreat from everyday responsibilities is what AZ Creative Connections is all about. This care free retreat gives women an opportunity to re-charge their creative selves and connect with other like-minded women with common goals.

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Your Host and ‘Connection Coordinator’,


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Take a break from the phone, errands, home projects and the family
to connect with friends for a weekend.